Chocoloco Organic Dark Choco Nibs with Blueberry (127g)


Why do we use this product? 

  • Organic cacao nib clusters coated in organic coconut blossom sugar then sprinkled with blueberries.
  • We've all heard about the health benefits of eating dark chocolate and raw cacao beans. With our Dark Choco Nibs, you can enjoy the delicious combination of both. Now, another superfood is added just for you: Blueberries! Just like cacao, blueberries are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. The ultimate temptation.
  • Fruity blueberries, slightly tart, combined with our own 74% DARK CHOCOLATE for an amazingly refreshing taste and a powerful combination of vitamins and health benefits of cacao and blueberries.
  • Health Benefits of Cacao:
    • Magnesium: important for muscles, nerves and heart. Fights stress and fatigue.
    • Fiber: Dark chocolate doesn’t contain much fiber, but cacao nibs are a great source.
    • Iron: Essential for red blood cell production and is contained plentiful in cacao nibs.
    • Antioxidants: Well known to neutralize dangerous free radicals in your body.
    • Mood improver: Cacao is also well known for its mood enhancing skills.
  • Health Benefits of Blueberries
    • Low in calories but high in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K.
    • Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity of all the popular fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids appear to be the berries’ antioxidant with the greatest impact.
    • The antioxidants in blueberries seem to benefit your brain by aiding brain function and delaying mental decline.
    • Blueberries contain substances that can prevent certain bacteria from binding to the wall of your bladder, which may help prevent UTIs.
  • CHOCOLOCO uses only the best fermented cacao beans from contracted cacao farms. These beans are perfectly roasted, cracked and then covered with the finest , one of the healthiest sugars around. Compared to refined white sugar, coconut blossom sugar possesses a very low glycemic value and prevents spikes in your blood sugar. The nibs are then mixed with high quality cranberries and covered with our own .
  • Our 74% Chocolate is 100% natural: we use only Premium Cacao Beans, Premium Cacao Butter and (low glycemic value).
  • Sourced from a small Davao-based food manufacturer that uses high quality cacao and other locally sourced ingredients to produce minimally processed, high quality cacao products that offer consumers access to the full nutrition contained in the natural plant.
  • Your purchase of this product supports local farmers by continually purchasing raw materials from them.
  • Organic, Vegan Friendly, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free


How do we use this product?

Ready to eat snack or enjoy as top­pings for cere­al, oat­meal, smooth­ie bowl, yogurt, pan­cake, waf­fle, shakes, smooth­ies, ice cream, cakes. 



Premium Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Organic Coconut Sap Sugar, Organic Muscovado Sugar, Dried Blueberries


Size - 127g

Other Search Terms - sweet snack, Chocolate-Dipped Immunity Slices

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