Sourced Natural Bagoong Shrimp Paste (240g)


Why do we use this product?

  • Bagoong or Shrimp Paste is a fermented condiment commonly used in Southeast Asian and Southern Chinese cuisines.  It is primarily made from finely crushed shrimp or krill mixed with salt, and then fermented for several weeks.
  • Adds a beautiful, funky hit of salt to whatever dish it’s cooked into.  
  • All-natural ingredients, no preservatives, no additives


How do we use this product?

You can drop it into a pan as a stir-fry starter, cooking it down with garlic and onions or countering its brininess with vinegar or calamansi juice. You can count on it when whipping up a batch of fried rice.  It serves as a vital base flavor in dishes like binagoongang baboy, a pork and shrimp paste stew. And it can also be used as an unadulterated condiment, topping the oxtail stew kare-kare or simply spread across fresh green mango.



Fermented Shrimps, Culinary Coconut Oil, Muscovado Sugar, Onion, Garlic


Size - 240g

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