Tomato Cherry (500grams)


Why do we use this product?

  • Cherry tomatoes are one of the oldest variety of tomatoes in the world, and because of this, they have become a necessity for your salad. 
  • Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • Fresh tomatoes are low in carbs. The carb content consists mainly of simple sugars and insoluble fibers. These fruits are mostly made up of water.
  • Tomatoes are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, and folate.
  • Lycopene is one of the most abundant plant compounds in tomatoes. 
  • Studies show that tomatoes and tomato products may reduce your risk of heart disease and several cancers. This fruit is also beneficial for skin health, as it may protect against sunburns.


How do we use this product?

Enjoy our offerings of cherry tomatoes roasted, sautéed, in your salad, or even on their own as a great snack!



Cherry Tomato 

Conventionally grown, not organic.  We recommend ozonating.


Size - 500g


*** To ensure freshness, delivery will be made via refrigerated van/truck.
*** Delivery is available in selected barangays of Pasig, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Makati, Pasay, Quezon City, Paranaque and Manila only. 

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