How Do I Use Dairy Alternatives


What Is A Dairy Alternative Drink?

A dairy alternative drink is exactly what is says on the tin- a drink that can be used as a dairy-free alternative to dairy milk. You might want to call these drinks made from nuts, legumes or grains “milk”, but, strictly speaking, it’s against the rules. If it’s from an animal or a coconut, it’s milk. Anything else has to have a new name. And that’s ok with us. Because while we do splash our Oat Drink over cereal in replace of cow’s milk, or froth our Almond Drink into a lovely latte, our drinks are much more than a replacement for milk. They are delicious, versatile, refreshing drinks that can be enjoyed in so many more ways than you think. 

While dairy free drinks might seem like a new trend, people have been mashing, soaking and straining grains and nuts into delicious plant milks for centuries. The earliest mention of soya milk, for example, comes from China in 1365, while a 13th Century Baghdadi cookery book has reference to almond milk. Today, these options are joined by a host of new flavours, from tiger nut milk to hemp milk. 

Our dairy-free drink range includes not one, not two, but fifteen different drinks to choose from. All of them are dairy free, but flavour full. A drink to suit any occasion, any need, and any flavour preference.

How can I use dairy free drinks?

When it comes to uses for dairy free drinks, the sky’s the limit. Anything milk can do, they can do- and then some. Rude Health’s dairy alternative drinks can be used in breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts to add a creamy, nutty or even tropical edge to your favourite dishes. 

We pride ourselves on offering a wide and varied selection of organic drinks to suit any need. There is a flavour to suit every taste bud and recipe. 

Breakfast – 

For dairy free newcomers, start with the basics. Our drinks pair perfectly with our mueslisporridges and granolas. Splash it over your favourite cereal, or if you prefer your breakfast on-the-go, whizz it into your smoothie. Our Almond Drink, Oat Drink and Coconut Drink are the beginner’s essentials. 


Cooking – 

Feeling more adventurous? It’s time to upgrade from breakfast to every other meal. Use our Cashew Drink in a curry to add a nutty depth of flavour to a korma sauce. Wanting to try something new? Our Hazelnut Drink pairs perfectly with this cheesy basil mac and cheese, will a full nutty flavour. 


Baking –

Our Soya Drink is an effortless addition to baking. Pancakes and banana bread love our Oat Drink. Don’t forget about our Tiger Nut Drink which is perfect when used in these dark chocolate muffins – a love affair like no other. 


Drinks – 

For coffee aficionados, take your latte to new levels. Our Barista range offers flavour and texture that will let your favourite brew shine. Feel like drinking the rainbow? Try out our rainbow lattes using six of our dairy free drinks. 

We have plenty more recipe ideas on our website. Tuck in.


Why replace dairy?

People choose to cut out dairy for a variety of reasons. For those with allergies or intolerances to dairy, avoiding these products or cutting them out all-together is essential to their health. For others, the choice  could be motivated by environmental or ethical reasons. You might even not really like the taste of cow’s milk or its byproducts, and want to cut it out for this reason alone- that’s ok, too. 

At Rude Health, we believe that variety is the key to joyful, delicious meals. We don’t demonise milk, and we don’t believe that eating less of it is  something to be frowned upon, either. We believe in eating and drinking in whatever way suits you. That’s why we offer so many dairy-free drinks, whatever your reason behind ditching milk might  be. 

Dairy free does not need to mean flavour-less, or full of artificial replacements, either. That’s why all of our drinks are flavour-full and Organic. This means that the nuts or grains used are farmed without any pesticides or harmful chemicals, and that the drinks are made with natural ingredients and no other nonsense. Our drinks do not just taste brilliant, but are brilliant quality, too. 


Why Choose Rude Health Dairy Alternatives?

There is so much choice in the dairy free aisle, it is hard to know what to buy and from whom. 

At Rude Health, we hope we have done  the hard work for you by offering all of your favourite alternative milk flavours, all made with quality you can trust. 

Our drinks are all Organic, and made from carefully sourced, natural ingredients. This means there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides used in the farming of these ingredients, and absolutely nothing artificial is added into our recipes. Rude Health dairy alternatives only contain up to 8 natural and organic ingredients, with no added sugars or thickeners.

All of  our drinks are flavour-full and versatile. The highest quality  ingredients can only create the highest quality, best tasting drinks. Use them in everything from smoothies and baking, to dinners and desserts. You  could even shake them into a cocktail or mocktail, or drink them neat straight from the carton. We won’t judge. 

We believe that health is not about counting calories or ticking diet boxes. It’s about feeling great, enjoying every meal and embracing life. When you join the world of Rude Health, you are joining a tribe of passionate foodies who love being silly as much as they love lunchtime. Think more healthy appetites than health  conscious. So we could yap on about the nutrition in our drinks, or their provenance or benefits, as a reason for you to  get your hands on them. But instead we would rather tell you that they taste brilliant, and that life is much  more fun when you are enjoying every meal rather than bothering with benefits.

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