LifeFood Sytrinol 150mg (60 caps)

Why do we use this product?

  • Pymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) act as antioxidants and protect cells against free radical damage as well as help in reducing the risk of many chronic diseases.
  • Tocotrienols are part of the vitamin E family which are most abundantly found in palm oil. Research suggests that the tocotrienols help support healthy cholesterol levels, promote healthy cellular growth and provide antioxidant effects.
  • Sytrinol has been clinically proven safe and effective in helping to lower total cholesterol, without the toxic side effects of commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs.
  • Cholesterol levels are most commonly managed through the use of statins, drugs that block the key enzyme involved in the production of both cholesterol and CoQ10. CoQ10 is crucial to energy production in all our cells. Statins are known to have multiple side effects such as headache, tiredness, sleep problems, and more serious ones like muscle pain & damage, liver damage, and an increased risk for diabetes.
  • Sytrinol provides an alternative to statins to help improve levels of total & LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides while avoiding the side effects of statins.
  • HELPS PROTECT FROM ORGAN DAMAGE: Sytrinol provides additional benefits via its antioxidant effects, helping to protect against the organ damage that can happen when one has a cardiometabolic condition.
  • Sytrinol is made from citrus peel, a substantial source of naturally occurring phenolic compounds and carotenoids that help: Reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, Protect cells against free radical damage, Improve lipid & glucose homeostasis in diet-induced dyslipidemia & insulin resistance, Reduce triglycerides and regulate total & LDL cholesterol levels.

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