The Kiwiherb way – what makes us different!

Post Credits to : Laetitia O'Connell

At the heart of what Kiwiherb does is a desire to provide high quality natural health products to the public – making health accessible and giving people safe and effective solutions.

From the beginning, the Kiwiherb story has always been about sustainability, back before this was catch-phrase on every billboard. It sprung from simple roots - in a caravan in West Auckland where plants were the passion, and sustainable solutions were the motivator.

The basis of our business has always been to take material that grows well in our natural environment and turn it into a trusted and effective health care products. This makes us ‘sustainable’ from the start, right through to the recyclable bottle that sits in your medicine cabinet.

By choosing to preferentially sourced NZ grown herbs we can guarantee fresher, high-quality herbs that positively contribute to the NZ economy.

Also, before it was trendy, being ‘organic’ was a key focus of Kiwiherb products. We go the extra mile to ensure we meet BioGro certification standards – offering you the gold standard in organic material. The reason for this careful choice is knowing that these products carry a far more positive impact for both the environment and its user. Producing products free from pesticides or chemical sprays, means our consumers know they are getting a healthier outcome for themselves and their family.

The company was founded by Phil Rasmussen, both a pharmacist and medical herbalist – a foot in both camps and a desire to offer New Zealanders a complementary choice!

So what makes Kiwiherb more sustainable than the one beside it on the shelf:

  • NZ grown

Given the seasonal variance in New Zealand weather patterns, choosing to focus on NZ grown herbs is a risky game for a fast-growing company. It comes with its challenges, but it is something to which Kiwiherb is committed. From our Canterbury-grown Echinacea through to our Coromandel collected Manuka honey, there has been a conscious choice to support the strengths of the country we live in. With diverse natural landscapes creating unique microclimates, NZ is ideal for the growing of medicinal herbs as we can get great variation and quality.

  • Sustainably sourced

We focus first on organic herbs which by their very nature are sustainably grown following traditional chemical-free principles of horticulture. When sourcing wild-crafted herbs (harvested from their natural environment) we ensure that harvesting has been done in a sustainable manner, and that the supplier is reputable and ethical.

  • NZ made

From small beginnings in Phil’s backyard we how have a purpose-built manufacturing facility in Avondale, Auckland, where we manufacture over 95% of our products. We are very proud of our team who are passionate about producing top-quality products for our community. Through purchasing NZ grown and NZ made products, you too are supporting a more sustainable NZ economy.

  • Positive life cycle of our materials

We source from the earth, and aim to ensure that the materials we work with are easily assimilated back into the earth.  We are proud to collaborate with ‘We Compost’ to ensure that all of our herb waste goes into the production of compost.

  • Kiwiherb cares

In choosing Kiwiherb, you are choosing honestly made and sustainably sourced natural healthcare products that work!We love to engage with our community.  Whether it be local beach cleanups or tree planting opportunities, the Kiwiherb team is keen to get involved. We have and always will take pride in connecting to our surrounding environment.

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