Top 4 Reasons Why Happy Noz is Daddy-Approved at Our Home

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If you are looking for quick relief from allergic rhinitis for you and your children, try Happy Noz Organic Onion Sticker.

Happy Noz Organic Onion Sticker is our go-to solution for our kids' (and yours, too!) allergic rhinitis attacks. It provides relief from stuffy nose and sneezing caused by irritants and other allergens. 

But, onion? Yes, you read that right! Happy Noz, a baby product, is onion-based but you would be surprised with how wonderful the smell is. 

Looking for relief from nasal irritation 

Anyway, we discovered Happy Noz because we were looking for a product that would help relieve our two kids’ allergic rhinitis. You see, the enclosed space at our condominium unit, despite our daily effort to clean every nook and cranny, meant that dust and other allergens are bound to get us all sneezing at night and in the morning.
These days also, the slightest sign of respiratory discomfort is already panic-inducing that is why we want to immediately address the irritation before it worsens. 
We found Happy Noz’ Facebook page and the products looked promising because, well, they were made especially for babies. “Why not try it?”, we said, so we ordered from Happy Noz’ online shop.
After using it for a week, we were impressed with how good the product is. We knew then that Happy Noz would be one of our must-haves in our baby bag.

Things that we like with Happy Noz 

If you are looking for a good product to relieve your family’s allergic rhinitis, you might also want to try Happy Noz Organic Onion sticker. 
Here are the top things that we liked about Happy Noz: 

1. It is effective 

We found Happy Noz to be effective in treating our allergic rhinitis. When trying out a new product for the first time, you want to test how effective it is versus its claims. The best way to do it is to try it for yourself, which I did. 
One day, I brought a Happy Noz sticker at the office, notorious for triggering my allergic rhinitis because it is an old building. So by around 10 AM, I began to feel pressure in my forehead and sinus area. I felt a headache coming up so I thought it was time to put Happy Noz to the test. 

I opened the pack and was immediately greeted by a soothing scent. I put it in my collar and in around 15 minutes or so, my stuffy nose was relieved. The slight throb in my head was also gone. Happy Noz does work so from then on, we would order regularly and use it in our room when our kids would have an allergy attack coming. 

2. It is easy to use 

Happy Noz is easy-to-use. They are individually-packed stickers that you just peel and stick to your child’s shirt, to the air-conditioning unit, or to the electric fan.
Moreover, the sticker has strong adhesive so that it will not fall off easily. In fact, we forgot to remove one sticker which we found on our toddler’s shirt even after it had been washed and dried. 

3. It is all-natural 

Happy Noz’ product information says that it is made of a blend of natural and essential oils, including eucalyptus oil, that have a soothing, calming, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. 
By the way, we have also tried the Happy Noz Organic Onion Anti-Bac variant formulated with tea tree oil, known for its bacteria-fighting properties especially when there is a bit of coughing involved. 

4. It smells good 

Happy Noz smells good. I know, it is a bit hard to reconcile the fact that it smells good and its primary ingredient is onion. I do love onion but with its savory aroma in sautés and stir fries. Raw onion is also known for its anti-bacterial properties. 
In a baby product though, it is my first time to encounter onion as the main component. I think the onion scent blended with the essential oils created a delightful scent. The whiff of onion is still unmistakably present but it does not smell off at all. 
So, don’t worry, you won’t end up smelling like stir fried vegetables. In fact, when I used it at the office, my colleagues were describing a pleasant blend of menthol or mint and subtle anise. 


We are happy to have discovered Happy Noz Organic Onion Sticker because it provided us an all-natural treatment for allergic rhinitis. These days when getting sick is out of the question, we want products that can provide relief right away at the first sign of ailment. Happy Noz is one such solution to our worries. 
How do you treat allergic rhinitis in your children? Do you have other products that you can recommend? Share them in the comments section below.


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