CocoWonder Organic Coconut Worcestershire Sauce (150ml)


Why do we use this product?

  • Worcestershire Sauce is traditionally a spicy sauce that can be widely used for marinades and as a seasoning in sauces and mayonnaise. This variant is made of coconut and is of course also a special seasoning with its light dark brown color and fragrant spicy aroma.
  • Coconut Worcestershire Sauce contains 17 Amino acids and is 100% natural.
  • This Worcestershire Sauce is made from coconut nectar, coconut vinegar and sun-dried sea salt, 100% natural, without preservatives, chemicals or artificial plastics. 
  • Certified Organic, Soy-Free, Vegan Friendly, Gluten-Free,, Non-MSG, Sugar Cane Free and Non-GMO  


How do we use this product?

The Worcestershire Sauce is a universal seasoning and can be used for cooking, baking and roasting, as dressing of salads and vegetables, for marinating, for preparing sushi's, etc. Store in room temperature. Store refrigerated after opening.



Coconut Water, Coconut Nectar/Sap, Sun-dried Sea Salt


Size - 150ml

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Best Before: September 28, 2023

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A great tasting sauce

Healthier version of Lea & Perrins

Thank you very much

Email when available

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