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Why do we use this product?

  • Feel Well Synbiotic Greek Yogurt is the first, best, locally-produced synbiotic yogurt with all-natural ingredients. Synbiotic means Probiotics plus Prebiotics that feed good gut bacteria.
  • Our synbiotic Greek yogurt is rich buffalo milk fermented by adding to it live bacterial (starter) cultures, resulting in a tasty probiotic food, packed with nutrients, needed daily to restore the balance of gut flora. It is a health-giving milk-based functional food.
  • Made of buffalo milk
  • Balances your gut's bacterial composition, improving digestive function
  • Improves bone health
  • Enhances brain function
  • L.bulgaricus - produces lactic acid which keeps pH in the large intestine low, restricting the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • S.thermophilus - increases folate and hemoglobin levels, aids digestion in those with lactose intolerance, and improves the skin.
  • One of FEEL WELL's key elements is its all-natural goodness.
  • It is fermented buffalo milk, sweetened naturally with the Amazon's superfood - Yacon root.
  • Yacon root is rich in nutrients and medicinal properties.

How do we use this product?

Perfect for a light breakfast, add your favorite fresh fruits and whole-wheat breakfast cereal or granola.

Store at 2°C - 4°C temperature. Product shelf life is up to 21 days.



Buffalo milk (Caesin A2), Yacon, L.bulgaricus, S.thermophilus


Size - 400ml


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