Four Sigmatic Organic Mushroom Instant Coffee Mix - Lion's Mane & Chaga (2.5g / 1 sachet)


Why do we use this product?

  • Brews smooth, dark, and remarkably crash-free - Coffee plus Lion’s Mane and Chaga equals a deliciously balanced brew for brain and body. All of the things you love about coffee, none of the things you don’t.  We crafted our coffee from organic beans and two astoundingly effective ingredients—Lion’s Mane and Chaga—that’ll help you avoid coffee’s dreaded dark side. No jitters or hocus-pocus, just hours of crash-free focus.
  • Grown in the Marcala, La Paz region of Honduras at 5,500 feet above sea level, these specialty-grade, single origin beans are elevated in more ways than one.
  • Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) supports immune function and has been used for hundreds of years.  We wildcraft our Chaga, which means we get it directly from birch trees (with sustainable practice).Then we extract its fruiting bodies and spray dry the concentrate. The final product is a mixable, organic powder with no fillers, or carriers.
  • The scientific name for Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) kind of sounds like “Hercules”, and with good reason. It’s your brain’s best friend when you want to get stuff done. We extract our Lion’s Mane from wood-grown fruiting bodies: fully organic, with no fillers or carriers.
  • Brews smooth, dark, and nutty. 
  • Rigorously lab-tested for purity.
  • 50 mg caffeine.
  • Fair Trade.
  • Single Origin.
  • USDA Certified Organic, Dairy-Free, Vegan Friendly.


How do we use this product? 

Ground and ready to brew in whatever method makes you happy.

Enjoy it Hot:  Mix 1 packet with 8 fl. oz. of hot water.

Enjoy it Iced: Mix 1 packet with 6 fl. oz. of warm water, add ice and let chill. 



Organic instant coffee powder, organic lion's mane extract (250 mg), organic chaga extract* (250 mg), organic rhodiola rosea extract*.



Size - 2.5g/ 1 sachet


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