Kim King's Kitchen - Beauty Broth (565ml)


Why do we use this product?

  • Our Beauty Broth is a specially-prepared bone broth that is not only delicious but good for you.
  • It contains quality amino acids that serve as the building blocks for our Bones, Skin, Hair, Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments.
  • The collagen in the broth keeps skin from sagging, can reduce wrinkles, remove cellulite, and increase the elasticity of your skin. This gives that plump, youthful & healthy look!
  • Add this broth to your beauty and wellness routine for optimal gut health, glowing skin, stronger nails, and shinier hair.

How do we use this product?

For beginners, we recommend adding 1 cup (250ml) of broth to your meals, snacks, or as meal replacements.
If you want to do Broth Fasting, start with a One-day broth fast. Drink 4-6 cups of broth per day, approximately 1 liter.
Make sure to do the pre-fasting guidelines to make sure your body is prepared and ready!
If you want more detailed information please see our FAQ
Our broth lasts up to 7 days when chilled and unopened. Once opened, we advise consuming it within 24 hours.
Our broth can last up to 3 months when stored in the freezer.
Please do not order Glass bottles for storage in the freezer.


Organic Chicken Feet, Organic Chicken Wings, Organic Chicken Bones, Nigori Sake, Mirin, Himalayan Pink Salt, Hondashi, Gelatin Powder, Water

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size - 1 Cup (250ml)
Calories - 47
Carbohydrates - 1g
Protein - 9g
Fat - 0.75g

Size - 565ml


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