Life Extension Multivitamin Two-Per-Day Tablets (120 tablets or caps)



  • Allowance (RDA) for nearly every ingredient where an RDA exists.
  • The ingredients in Life Extension supplements are based on over 40 years of clinical research. The manufacturing facility is NSF and GMP registered.
  • Soy-free


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How do we use this product?

Take two (2) tablets daily in divided doses with meals, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.



The soy-free Two-Per-Day Tablets contain a bioactive form of the B-vitamin folate, 5-MTHF; quercetin; zinc citrate; vitamin E as mixed tocopherols and more.

Lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health - promotes ocular health and helps inhibit oxidative stress.

Vitamin D for healthy minds and bodies - a critical nutrient for maintaining strong bones density and healthy muscle and promoting cardiovascular health

Vitamin C for immune health & arterial health - associated with immune system health.

B vitamins help maintain youthful metabolism - to release energy stored in carbohydrates, fats and proteins

Bioactive 5-MTHF Folate - important for those with certain inherited enzyme variants that make folate metabolism less efficient.

Mixed vitamin E tocopherols - For biomarkers of oxidative stress and promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

Bioactive quercetin phytosome - supports cellular health, endothelial health, healthy immune function and more.

High-potency minerals, antioxidants and extracts - The Two-Per-Day formula provides 10 times more biotin and twice as much zinc as Centrum® Silver® Adults 50+.

Alpha-lipoic acid — support against oxidative stress that promotes metabolic and nerve health and helps protect vitamin C and glutathione against damaging free radicals.

Selenium — supports heart and brain health, promotes a healthy inflammatory and immune response, and helps quench free radical activity.

Apigenin — This powerful botanical bioflavonoid is found in many fruits and vegetables. Apigenin helps boost the body's natural cellular defenses.

Crominex® 3+ biologically active chromium - helps maintain already-healthy blood sugar levels.


Size - 120 Tablets or capsules

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