Messy Bessy Natural Hand Cream - Kiwi (50g)


Why do we use this product?

  • An all-natural and non-toxic skincare product.
  • Helps nourish and soften your skin and can be used as a body lotion.
  • Can be your alternative to synthetic hand lotions and creams.
  • Handy to use when traveling to cold places to keep the moisture in.
  • Cleans without harming your skin.
  • Helps heal and restore your skin.
  • Toxic Free.


How do we use this product?

1. Put a pea size on your hands.
2. Gently massage all over, as if you’re washing hands.

Other Uses:

Can be used as a body lotion.
Can be used for hand and body massage.



Natural Lotion Base: Has the right balance of oils to support the healthy functions of your skin

Kiwi Essential Oil: Induces relaxation, improves skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Size - 50g

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