Now Real Food Organic Popping Corn (680g)


Why do we use this product?

  • NOW Real Food Organic Popcorn is non-GMO and has no additives, so our kernels create the most natural and wholesome puffs of airy goodness you'll find anywhere, whether you pop them in air or oil.
  • For a tasty treat pop up a batch the next time you have movie night, and watch the faces of your friends and family light up as they tell you it's the best popcorn ever!
  • High in Fiber.
  • Nothing artificial.
  • USDA Certified Organic, Vegan Friendly.


How do we use this product?

For best results, heat two tablespoons of NOW Real Food Coconut Oil in a large pan. Add desired amount of popcorn kernels once oil is hot. Cover. Shake pan occasionally until kernels are popped.



Organic Popcorn.


Size - 680g


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