Organic Harvest Coffee Personal Drip Brew - Bugtaw (10 sachets)


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Why do we use this product?

  • Our coffee is proudly made from 100% naturally grown coffee beans, shade-grown, and handpicked by the farmers living in the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon, Negros Occidental. 
  • Organic: No synthetic fertilizers, No pesticides nor any harmful chemicals used which means cleaner beans, air, land and water. Organic beans are richer in healthful antioxidants.
  • Shade-Grown: Coffee plants are grown under the canopy of various trees, preserving the natural habitat in Mt. Kanlaon.  Shade grown coffee beans have increased natural sugar making it less acidic. You may skip the sugar!
  • Premium Taste:  Hand picked beans and expertly roasted.
  • Fair Trade:  Sustains farmers better! Coffee berries bought at above market price and paid immediately.
  • Social Responsibility:  Part of proceeds goes directly back to the farmers' community development.
  • Bugtaw Brew: aromatic, balanced and full-bodied – for a perfect morning cup.
    • Beans: Arabica Robusta
    • Roast: Medium
    • Aroma: Rich
    • Body: Full
    • Intensity: Moderate


How do we use this product?

Just add hot water and your 100% premium organic coffee is now ready to serve.  



Organic Coffee.


Size - 10 sachets

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