Organic Muscle Green Juice Superfood Powder - Citrus Sunrise (270g)


Why do we use this product?

  • This powerful blend will keep you feeling and looking your best! It includes 14 anti-aging energy-boosting superfoods and herbs and pre & probiotics that improve digestive health. 
  • This formula contains spirulina for an extra nutrient-packed boost, plus ashwagandha, which helps manage stress due to its calming effects – your body will thank you!
  • It boosts energy, improves gut health, and gives your body the all-around jolt of gold goodness it's been craving.
  • Improves energy, focus, and endurance.
  • It provides an instant kick of energy that will keep you energized and focused.
  • Improves digestive and gut health. It has a prebiotic and probiotic blend that helps you feel more energetic and happy.
  • A delicious and refreshing lemon tea flavor.
  • USDA Certified Organic.
  • No Sugar Added.
  • Low Heavy Metals Verified A+ Rated.

How do we use this product?

Mix 1 scoop of powder with 12-16 ounces of cold water and ice in a Blender Bottle for best results. Shake for 15 seconds or until the powder is completely dissolved. Drink 15-20 minutes before your training or competition. 



Super Greens Antioxidant Detox Blend: 5015 mg
Certified Organic Wheat Grass Whole Leaf Powder, Certified Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder, Certified Organic Chlorella, Certified Organic Moringa Leaf, Certified Organic Spirulina.

Energy, Focus and Endurance Blend: 1625 mg
Certified Organic Coconut Water, Certified Organic Ashwagandha, Certified Organic Beet Root, Certified Organic Peppermint Leaf. Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea, Certified Organic Turmeric. 

Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend: 1865 mg
Certified Organic VitaFiberTM IMO Powder, LactoSporeⓇ Powder.

Natural Flavoring: 495 mg
Natural Lemon Flavor, Certified Organic Luo Han Guo Berry Extract, Natural Orange Flavor.

ORGANIC WHEATGRASS has beneficial effects on health and vitality.

ORGANIC CHLORELLA rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

ORGANIC SPIRULINA nutrient-dense superfood packed with protein,b vitamins, and minerals.

ORGANIC TURMERIC CURCUMIN  believed to help treat chronic pain and inflammation. It also helps reduce depression, improve skin health and fight infections. 

ORGANIC VITAFIBER prebiotic, low-calorie sweetener. Rich in fiber.

LACTOSPORE (PROBIOTIC) promotes a healthy gut and has been used to treat several intestinal and bowel problems.

ORGANIC MORINGA superfood containing an essential amino acid needed to grow, repair, and maintain healthy cells.

MATCHA GREEN TEA high in antioxidants and can reduce stress and regulate hormones.

BEETROOT promotes healthy circulation throughout the body.

ORGANIC ASHWAGANDHA helps manage stress, boost testosterone, increase muscle mass and reduce blood sugar and cortisol levels.

ORGANIC COCONUT WATER excellent source of natural electrolytes that can rehydrate your body.

ORGANIC PEPPERMINT LEAF known to treat various ailments.


Size - 270g (30 Servings)

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