Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Liners (50 Liners)


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Why do we use this product?

  • When you get your period, you want free and clear menstrual care that keeps up with your active lifestyle and helps support Menstrual Equity for everyone.
  • Pantiliner pads’ innovative purefit™ design conforms to your body’s shape for reliable leak protection and comfort—without the use of rayon, dyes, or deodorants. 
  • Plastic free.
  • GMO free ingredients.
  • No perfumes or dyes.
  • Totally Chlorine Free.
  • Biodegradable & compostable.
  • Made for sensitive skin.


How do we use this product?

Please read the box for usage instructions.

Do Not Flush! Used pads, pantiliners, and tampons can damage sewage and septic systems. Wrap and throw into garbage.


Absorbent core (totally chlorine-free cellulose wood pulp, sodium polyacrylate), backsheet (polyethylene, titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, aluminum oxide, zinc oxide), nonwoven fabric cover (polypropylene, sorbitan laurate, PEG castor oil, PEG cocoate, diethylhexyl sodium sulfosuccinate), peel away strips (elemental chlorine-free cellulose, silicone), seams, layers, and positioning (hydrocarbon resin, styrene/isoprene copolymer).

Additional subcomponent information per California Menstrual Product Right to Know Act

Hydrotreated heavy alkanes, hydrogenated mineral oil, ethylene/propylene copolymer, ethylene/VA copolymer, paraffin wax, tris(2,4-ditert-butylphenyl) phosphite, erucamide, bis(2,4-dicumylphenyl) pentaerythritol diphosphate, tris(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzyl) isocyanurate

 Other Search Terms: panty shield, organic napkins

Size - 50 count

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