Sourced Organic Beef Brisket


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Why do we use this product?

  • Premium-quality organic meat.
  • Animals are raised in organic pastures and fed an all-natural diet which include vegetables, legumes and other natural grown plants.
  • Animals are treated humanely; animals are allowed to roam freely and are exposed to sunlight and fresh air.
  • Farmed organically in Sta. Maria, Laguna.
  • A cut of beef that needs to be cooked slowly to break down the connective tissues. The unique thing about this cut of beef is that it can be slow cooked so it’s fork tender, yet is still sliceable. It also has a better beefy flavor compared to other slow cooking beef cuts like chuck.


How do we use this product?

Mix together some barbecue sauce, soy sauce, and water.  Slather the beef brisket with the sauce.  Wrap the beef brisket in aluminum foil.  Bake brisket in a 300F oven for several hours, until it’s fork tender.  When the brisket is done, let it rest for 30 minutes before slicing to serve. Slice across the grain of the meat to break up the muscle fibers and make it even easier to eat.



Organic Beef.


Size - From 850g

Best Before Date: December 9, 2022


Other Search Terms - Chinese Braised Beef

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