Sourced Organic Beef Chuck Ribs


Why do we use this product?

  • Premium-quality organic meat.
  • Animals are raised in organic pastures and fed an all-natural diet which include vegetables, legumes and other natural grown plants.
  • Animals are treated humanely; animals are allowed to roam freely and are exposed to sunlight and fresh air.
  • Farmed organically in Sta. Maria, Laguna.
  • Beef chuck comes from the forequarter of the cow. Consisting of parts of the neck, shoulder blade, and upper arm, beef chuck produces tough but very flavorful cuts of meat. This primal cut has a good deal of connective tissue. That makes chuck a good choice for braised dishes like beef stew or pot roast, both of which tenderize tough cuts. Due to its fat content, beef chuck is also excellent for making ground beef that produces juicy burgers and ground beef stew. 


How do we use this product?

This cut is very popular in Korean style barbecue and can be marinated in a simple sweet Asian mix before being grilled over direct heat. They can also be cooked on a smoker with a simple rub of salt and pepper.

To cook the Korean beef stew, heat oil in a deep skillet and saute garlic until brown and toasted. Remove garlic from pan and set aside. In the same pan, saute onion until wilted then add the beef and stir fry until brown.  You can also precook the beef by using a pressure cooker. Then use the beef broth as the beef stock on the next procedure. Pour the soy sauce and beef stock just enough to cover the beef. If you will use water instead of beef stock, add beef bouillon cube. Add in the star anise and sugar and bring to a boil for an hour or until beef is very tender. In the meantime, heat an empty skillet and toast the sesame seeds until slightly brown. Mix with a spatula while toasting so it will be even, just prevent it from burning and turning it like black peppercorns. Add the toasted sesame seeds, spring onions, toasted garlic, sesame oil, green chilies and simmer for additional 5 minutes.



Organic Beef.


Size - From 500g

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